Use this page to convert your Ficdown file into an epub ebook.

Please Note: While I make every effort to keep the server secure and delete all files soon after compilation completes, I cannot guarantee the security of any stories you compile using this form. If you're paranoid about keeping your story file private, you should compile it locally instead.

(Checking the above box will print all currently tracked player state variables that have been toggled on every page of your game. This can be useful for tracking down the reason behind unexpected behavior.)

After you click the Compile button, this page will reload with a link to download your epub (it may take longer depending on how large or complex your story is). If any errors or warnings were encountered while compiling your game, they will be displayed to you.

After you generate an epub, you can use a tool like Calibre or Amazon's KindleGen to convert it to additional formats.

Images and custom templates are not currently supported in the online compiler. If your story requires these things, you will need to compile it with the ficdown.exe command line tool (which can run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux).