Once you have written a Ficdown story, you can convert it into an ebook or website by using the tools linked to from this page.

Online Epub Compiler

If you use the online compiler on this website, converting your Ficdown file into an epub is just a click away!

Download Compiler

You can download the ficdown.exe command line utility and convert your Ficdown files into an epub or static HTML site on your own computer. It can be run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Play on Your Website

There is a Javascript parser and rendering engine for Ficdown called Ficdown.js which can be used to present your story interactively on your own website.


If you just want to play around with Ficdown and see what it can do, you can use the playground on this site to test stuff out. You could even paste your own stories into the playground and play them right away in your browser!

Other Tools